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Exceptional Terroir

The hallmark of SEPPI wine is California terroir.  Like Joe Phelps, we believe California vineyards are uniquely suited to produce world-class sparkling wine. We look for vineyards with influence from the Pacific Ocean because the daily mix of sun and fog produces grapes with natural sweetness and balanced acidity. The end result is that, unlike Champagne, we do not need to use large amounts of added sugar to complete our wines.

Great wine comes from great vineyards, and Kelsey is relentlessly passionate about finding the premier sites for California sparkling wine.

Uncompromising Winemaking

Joe Phelps was a pioneer in adapting French winemaking to the Napa Valley, and with SEPPI, Kelsey is expanding his legacy into sparkling wine. We do not cut corners or make any decisions that would compromise quality. All SEPPI wines are produced using the labor intensive “Methode Traditonalle” invented and perfected in Champagne, France.

Winemaking team Kelsey Phelps and Schramsberg alum Keith Hock carefully craft each vintage of SEPPI to meet their exacting criteria and age each bottle to perfection before release.

Boutique Production

SEPPI is one of the few small-scale boutique sparkling wines produced in Norther California. We focus on quality, not quantity. 

All SEPPI wines are vintage dated, not blended between years, a practice which is not typical for larger sparkling wine houses.  Accordingly, each bottle of SEPPI represents a unique snapshot of the time and place in which it was produced.

Each bottle of SEPPI represents a distinct snapshot of the time and place in which it was produced.

Méthode Traditionnelle

Tête de Cuvee Club

Join our inner circle of sparkling wine lovers and ensure you always have a bottle of SEPPI on hand to celebrate!

Similar to a subscription, the SEPPI TdC Wine Club offers completely customizable quarterly shipments of our exquisite méthode traditionnelle sparkling wines, discounted member pricing, free ground shipping, as well as invitations to special events and other loyalty rewards.